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Nhà Ginza Ginza is the first and only restaurant in Turkey with an authentic Vietnamese and Japanese menu. Within one month of its 2019 launch in Bodrum, Nhâ Ginza Ginza received rave reviews from customers all over Turkey and the world. The restaurant quickly became recognized as one of the greatest additions to the food scene in Bodrum and Turkey and immediately received top-ratings on TripAdvisor and 5-star on Facebook.


The owner and head chef, Victoria Vân, is a Vietnamese-American. She came to Turkey as a business investor and technologist. Not knowing the language well, she soon realized that cooking was a great way to connect and communicate with the locals. In 2019, she decided to start a restaurant and serve Southeast Asian food, a move that many applauded and praised. After a successful launch in Bodrum, she decided to take her culinary experience and the Nhà Ginza Ginza name to Istanbul, where she launched her second resturant focusing on Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine.


Our current menu consists of traditional and authentic Vietnamese and a fresh and wonderful selection of Japanese salads, udon soups, and sushi. Vietnamese food is loved by many all over the world for its simple yet delicate combination of spices, fresh vegetables, and aromatic herbs. The most popular Vietnamese dishes include Phở (a beef or chicken noodle soup), Gỏi cuốn (fresh spring rolls made with rice paper and fresh herbs), Chả Giò (fried egg rolls filled with meat and vermicelli noodles), Bún thịt nướng (thin noodle salad with beef and fresh herbs and vegetables), and Bún bò Huế. These are some of the hearty Vietnamese dishes that our menu will introduce to our Istanbul community. Please check our menu to view all Asian and Japanese Dishes. Chúc Ngon Miệng. Meshiagare (召し上がれ).


Nhâ Ginza Ginza's new location is next to the famous Buyuk Ortaköy Cami in Ortaköy-Beşiktaş, Istanbul. 


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Bon Appetit!

Chef  & Owner Victoria Vân


"Thankfully, we recently discovered Ginza Ginza, a new family-owned restaurant based out of Ortaköy, Istanbul offering takeaway and delivery, and featuring an extensive menu of traditional and bona fide Vietnamese dishes, with plenty of Southeast Asian cuisine to complement it. Fresh ingredients and a masterful use of spices, herbs, and vegetables really set the experience apart for us. Vietnamese classics like Phở, Bánh Mì, and Gỏi Cuốn are on offer, as well as a delectable array of Japanese noodles and rice-based dishes, and salads, sushi, soups, and much more. The physical restaurant in Ortaköy is gorgeous...and we look forward to eating there in-person, but in the meantime check out their menu and treat yourself to some delivery or takeaway. We did! (Personally can't stop thinking about the Phở we ordered)..." Full Review


"Mukemmel Yemek ve hizli teslimat...Bugün ilk defa Ginza Ginza'dan yemek siparis ettik. Mükemmel servis ve kaliteli urunler. Herşey çok güzel paketlenmis ve oldukca sicak sekilde servis edildi. Asya mutfagi seven herkese siddetle tavsiye edilir.


"One of the best Pho I've ever ate! The size is huge, full of all good on Earth...the packet service worked very good too and the Restaurant's staff was very friendly...absolute must try for everyone who are opened for a little far east food adventure! It's a real diamond on Istanbul's colourful gastronomic palate!"


"The best Thai salad I've ever had in Istanbul.  Seriously one of the most authentic versions here in Istanbul I've ever had. The taste had me feeling like I was sitting in the middle of Bangkok. The noodle dishes we ordered were also top rate. Great prices as well!"


"At last—a scrumptious Pan Asian dining experience featuring some of my favorite cuisine arrives in Turkey with a spicy splash. Having sampled the opening night tasting, I will definitely be a regular to get my Pho’ fix. Can’t wait to go back. Get used to seeing me there, Victoria. Hayırlı olsun!"


"Well worth a visit for fabulous fresh flavours of authentic Asian cuisine. Small but airy restaurant with a laid back comfortable atmosphere. Great sushi, green curries and kimchi"


"The best Asian food I had in Turkey yet! I am living in Turkey full-time for close to 3 years, have been visiting for many years before but NEVER had such exceptionally good Asian food. I can't even imagine how much better it would be to eat in the restaurant. So, to all you lucky people who CAN go to them: do it!"


Very good place for sushi lovers! There is also a good range of authentic Asian dishes from: Korean, Japanese, and Thai cuisines. We loved the bubble tea and great hospitality of Victoria and Yunus! Many thanks. There is also a very nice place downstairs for kids, climbing wall, etc. We greatly enjoyed the food and atmosphere!”


Explosion of tastes! The miso was better and stronger than what I had in different places in NYC. It is worth every penny, every minute you spend there, though I don’t even think Ginza Ginza should be considered as an expensive place for Bodrum. Thank you Victoria, they should award you for such a fundamental contribution to Bodrum’s culinary scene and for promoting the best examples of Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean cuisines.”


Staff are so friendly, the food is amazing and a great atmosphere. We came with friends and we will definitely be returing again and again! 5 star recommend”


Delicious tastes, friendly staff. Feeling blessed to find Asian cousine in Ortakoy/Besiktas region in Istanbul.


Excellent and authentic southeast Asian cuisine. Great ambiance and terrific value. 5 stars.”