Welcome to Ginza Ginza...

Welcome to Ginza Ginza Restaurant, the first-ever authentic Asian restaurant in Turkey to serve Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, and Japanese cuisine—and Taiwanese Bubble Tea! Asian countries represent a vast mosaic of variety in language, culture, history and characteristics, but there are some commonalities among Asian cuisines.


For example, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, and Japanese cuisine all feature white rice with most main courses, and all utilize key ingredients that require a deep fermentation process.


On the other hand, these cuisines differ drastically from country to country in flavors and method of cooking. We have selected the most popular and traditional dishes from each of these four Asian countries for your taste and enjoyment.


Bon Appetit!

Chef  & Owner Victoria Zhong


Excellent! For all the Asian food lovers or who want to discover it!


At last—a scrumptious Pan Asian dining experience featuring some of my favorite cuisine arrives in Bodrum with a spicy splash. Having sampled the opening night tasting, I will definitely be a regular to get my Pho’ fix. Can’t wait to go back. Get used to seeing me there, Victoria. Hayırlı olsun


Well worth a visit for fabulous fresh flavours of authentic Asian cuisine. Small but airy restaurant with a laid back comfortable atmosphere. Great sushi, green curries and kimchi