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Ginza Ginza is the first-ever Southeast Asian restaurant in Turkey to offer an authentic menu consisting of Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, and sushi. Within one month of its opening date, Ginza Ginza received rave reviews from customers all over Turkey and the world. The restaurant quickly became recognized as one of the greatest additions to the food scene in Bodrum and Turkey and immediately received top-ratings on TripAdvisor and 5-star on Facebook.

The owner and head chef, Victoria Zhong, is an Asian-American of Vietnamese and Indian ancestry. She came to Bodrum as a business investor and technologist. Not knowing the language well, she soon realized that cooking was a great way to connect and communicate with the locals. In 2019, she decided to start a restaurant that would serve flavors from Asia, a move that many applauded and praised.

Ginza Ginza serves authentic rice dishes, noodle plates, soups, and curries. There is also a very thoughtful and extensive vegan menu. Customers can also request vegetarian versions of many dishes on the menu.

Ginza Ginza also has a great selection of fresh sushi, sashimi, maki, and seaweed salads. Customers recognize Ginza Ginza’s sushi as one of the best in Turkey.

Ginza Ginza is located 8 km from Bodrum center in a small but busy town of Bitez. The address borders Konacik and Bitez, but the restaurant is nestled inside the roundabout off the main highway. It is nicely situated behind Foodrum Academy and Karsi Kose Café.

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Bon Appetit!

Chef  & Owner Victoria Zhong


"Excellent! For all the Asian food lovers or who want to discover it!"


"At last—a scrumptious Pan Asian dining experience featuring some of my favorite cuisine arrives in Bodrum with a spicy splash. Having sampled the opening night tasting, I will definitely be a regular to get my Pho’ fix. Can’t wait to go back. Get used to seeing me there, Victoria. Hayırlı olsun!"


"Well worth a visit for fabulous fresh flavours of authentic Asian cuisine. Small but airy restaurant with a laid back comfortable atmosphere. Great sushi, green curries and kimchi"


"Absolutely Astonishing! The food was out of this world. I felt like I was eating in someone’s home and food was cooked with love. The pictures don’t do it justice!! The pho was the best I’ve eaten ever and trust me I’ve had a lot aha."


Very good place for sushi lovers! There is also a good range of authentic Asian dishes from: Korean, Japanese, and Thai cuisines. We loved the bubble tea and great hospitality of Victoria and Yunus! Many thanks. There is also a very nice place downstairs for kids, climbing wall, etc. We greatly enjoyed the food and atmosphere!”


Explosion of tastes! The miso was better and stronger than what I had in different places in NYC. It is worth every penny, every minute you spend there, though I don’t even think Ginza Ginza should be considered as an expensive place for Bodrum. Thank you Victoria, they should award you for such a fundamental contribution to Bodrum’s culinary scene and for promoting the best examples of Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean cuisines.”


Staff are so friendly, the food is amazing and a great atmosphere. We came with friends and we will definitely be returing again and again! 5 star recommend”


Ginza Ginza has become very popular amongst expats and Turks, yet they gave time to chat and explain the Vietnamese/mixed Asian menu. I plumped for the Pho, having become a devotee of this dish over many visits to Vietnam. It arrived perfectly presented, a vast bowl of delicious broth temptingly perfumed, its delicate flavours crowned with large succulent pieces of meat on the bone and a side dish of additional items to throw into the pot, as one should. Perfection! My friend chose the green curry; being a vegetarian he asked if the kitchen could replace the chicken with tofu, which they readily agreed to. The creamy curry had precisely the right texture, spiciness and (like all the dishes, one imagines from Victoria’s explanations of her unrelenting quests for the right ingredients, including growing some of their own as well as enlisting the help of Bodrum’s thriving Asian community), that authentically Asian – especially Vietnamese – blend of flavours that magically combine great subtlety, delicacy and strength. Turkish cuisine is fabulous, yet one can tire of the standard local fare. Head for Ginza Ginza!”


Excellent and authentic southeast Asian cuisine. Great ambiance and terrific value. 5 stars.”